Australian Thoroughbred Workforce Development Forum

The Australian industry hosted its first domestic forum in April 2021 which focused on ‘Obtaining, Training and Retaining’ the thoroughbred workforce. This came 18 months after the launch of TfRI, a key outcome of the 2019 Godolphin Forum for Education in Newmarket, UK.

The Australian forum welcomed around 100 racing and breeding stakeholders from all states who collaborated to identify ways in which the industry can better ‘Obtain, Train and Retain’ a workforce – addressing the increasing skills shortage felt across the industry.   The workforce and careers challenge aligns itself with the umbrella strategy of Together for Racing International, which also addresses the importance of inspiring future generations of our sport and improving the lives of its people and the communities within which racing operates.

The content below, which will evolve as the forum outcomes progress, illustrates the beginning of the Australian industry’s journey to address issues that impact on a healthy workforce now and into the future.

Forum: Workshop outcomes summary

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Forum: Film – Participant views on educating for the future – Obtain, Train and Retain

Forum: media statement and agenda

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Forum: Bred To Win interview – Racing Australia CEO Myles Foreman