Connecting the world with the racehorse

Together for Racing International (TfRI) is a global alliance to promote and progress education, community engagement and career opportunities that connect people with the thoroughbred industry.


Our industry is special. It is a wonderful, global sport with great heritage. It is socially inclusive and diverse and it unites us all behind the love of the horse.

These words were part of a letter to the thoroughbred industry, written by professionals from around the world who gathered at the 2019 Godolphin Forum for Education in Newmarket, UK. The purpose of the Forum was to work collaboratively, considering opportunities and challenges pertaining to education, community engagement and development.

The thoroughbred is the common denominator among all racing countries, uniting us across geographic regions, cultural differences and bridging language barriers. The questions at the Forum centred on how to use our most precious resource – the horse – to improve educational attainment, engage communities and develop career opportunities.

Individually, facilitating a connection to the horse has the power to change lives. Collectively, those interactions have the power to propel the thoroughbred industry towards a healthy and sustainable future.

The momentum created by this unifying event, along with a shared mission to promote educational opportunities, has grown into a global initiative that provides a platform and network for continuing the work – Together for Racing International (TfRI).

The following video depicts the conversations that took place at the forum, and the graphics illustrate the global vision that was developed there, resulting in TfRI.

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TfRI mission

TfRI currently comprises six nations – Australia, France, Ireland, Japan, Great Britain and the United States – but envisions adding many more.

For students, educators, parents, job-seekers, thoroughbred industry employers and stakeholders, TfRI is a platform to showcase and amplify positive work and available opportunities.

Internally, TfRI’s organisational structure aids participating countries in assessing their existing and emerging initiatives, guided by the following questions in three categories:


  • How can we use our assets to inspire young people and help them improve educational attainment?
  • How can we ensure that young people have opportunities to become aware of horses and associated activities and career opportunities?
  • How can we add value to educators and their students, and thus inspire and equip educators and educational institutions to become advocates for our industry?

Community Engagement

  • How can we use our assets to help the communities close to our centres of activity address their own social, economic or other challenges?
  • How can we replace ill-informed negative perceptions of our industry with positive testimonies, based on genuine engagement and experiences?
  • How can we ensure that everyone who comes into contact with our industry – as a racegoer, volunteer, neighbour or stakeholder – has positive experiences and becomes a potential advocate?

Workforce & Careers

  • How can we find, engage and attract people to fill immediate gaps in our workforce?
  • How can we build a pipeline of talented employees for the longer-term?
  • How can we enhance both the reality and the perception of our industry as a great place to work and develop a career?

These questions have sparked discussions to strategise programme development and generate ideas for lowering barriers to entry. This has translated into nine examples that illustrate exemplary work in progress, and comprehensive lists of programmes and initiatives by country.

Welcome to our world – let’s come together by connecting with the racehorse.